Changes ported from modules, to support multiple tmp101 sensors.
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2015-09-22 Nathael PajaniChanges ported from modules, to support multiple tmp101...
2015-09-22 Nathael PajaniMuch more efficient. Thank you Cyprien :)
2015-09-22 Nathael PajaniAdd max31855 external driver
2015-09-22 Nathael PajaniFix register name (typo in datasheet)
2015-09-22 Nathael PajaniFix PCLK bits definitions
2015-09-22 Nathael PajaniSSP driver fixes
2015-09-21 Nathael PajaniAdd uprintf()
2015-09-21 Nathael PajaniFixes for serial
2015-09-21 Nathael PajaniFix systick for use of main clock rather than external...
2015-09-21 Nathael PajaniADC initialisation Fixes.
2015-09-21 Nathael PajaniAdd/Fix some comments
2015-09-21 Nathael PajaniAdd strtoul()
2015-09-21 Nathael PajaniAdd subsystem_powered() helper
2015-09-21 Nathael PajaniSome systick improvements from module development.
2015-09-21 Nathael PajaniImprovements to the CC1101 driver made on the RF-Sub1GH...
2015-09-21 Nathael PajaniAdding comments and a few fixes in coding style and...
2015-08-26 Nathael PajaniBase code for dtplug : Core, drivers, lib and some...