Update exanh v04 sensors support
[lpc82x] / include / drivers /
2021-04-19 Nathael PajaniAdd define for PWM_OUT_INIT_SET
2018-12-28 Nathael PajaniAdd 16bits versions of defines for Autolimit and autore...
2017-05-13 Nathael PajaniUse available info from register rather than shift...
2016-09-27 Nathael PajaniChanges to timers API
2016-09-27 Nathael PajaniChanges to ADC API
2016-09-26 Nathael PajaniUpdate/Use enums for ports definitions
2016-09-26 Nathael PajaniRe-organise code
2016-09-26 Nathael PajaniRemove duplicated comments
2016-09-26 Nathael PajaniADC driver fixes and (small) improvements
2016-09-13 Nathael PajaniI2C driver fixes
2016-09-05 Nathael PajaniAdd gpio_read() helper
2016-06-18 Nathael PajaniAdding comments to the pwm config structure and function
2016-06-18 Nathael PajaniAdding partial support for State Configurable Timers...
2016-06-15 Nathael PajaniInitial commit