2021-05-01 Nathael PajaniUpdate for power management (sleep and power down)...
2021-05-01 Nathael PajaniAdd script to update version number for a given project...
2021-04-26 Nathael PajaniTorusTech sensor app, works with exanh_datalog on host...
2021-04-26 Nathael PajaniExanh sensor data dump
2021-04-26 Nathael PajaniAdd some more debug
2021-04-26 Nathael PajaniFirst version of datalog for TorusTech
2021-04-19 Nathael PajaniUtils additions and fixes
2021-04-19 Nathael PajaniAdd define for PWM_OUT_INIT_SET
2021-04-19 Nathael PajaniFix serial driver
2021-04-19 Nathael PajaniTypo fix in defines names for AHB (and not ABH)
2018-12-28 Nathael PajaniControl of PWM duty cycle requires change of match...
2018-12-28 Nathael Pajanisctimer_on is only for LPC_SCT
2018-12-28 Nathael PajaniAdd 16bits versions of defines for Autolimit and autore...
2018-12-28 Nathael PajaniUpdate for binutils evolution
2017-06-15 Nathael Pajaniuart->out_buff cannot be NULL, remove this tests.
2017-06-15 Nathael PajaniEcho on serial must be only a "best effort" and not...
2017-05-24 Nathael PajaniAdd flushes and instruction barriers so that GCC does...
2017-05-24 Nathael PajaniAdd the ntoh* and hton* functions to the utils lib.
2017-05-14 Nathael PajaniSend data in network endianness
2017-05-13 Nathael PajaniAdding application for Exanh water level sensors (bord...
2017-05-13 Nathael PajaniComments update in BME280 example.
2017-05-13 Nathael PajaniFix types in serial driver
2017-05-13 Nathael PajaniUse available info from register rather than shift...
2017-05-13 Nathael PajaniAPI compatibility fixes for watchdog configuration...
2016-09-27 Nathael PajaniUpdated Makefile:
2016-09-27 Nathael PajaniFix compilation warning
2016-09-27 Nathael PajaniExanh test app changed according to ADC and timers...
2016-09-27 Nathael PajaniChanges to timers API
2016-09-27 Nathael PajaniChanges to ADC API
2016-09-26 Nathael PajaniAdd BME280 humidity sensor test
2016-09-26 Nathael PajaniReturn a more explicit error value
2016-09-26 Nathael PajaniUpdate/Use enums for ports definitions
2016-09-26 Nathael PajaniRe-organise code
2016-09-26 Nathael Pajaniupdated comments
2016-09-26 Nathael PajaniRemove duplicated comments
2016-09-26 Nathael PajaniUse "" instead of <> for includes, for consistency.
2016-09-26 Nathael PajaniAdding bits_set() to header file
2016-09-26 Nathael PajaniRemove duplicated hard-coded values
2016-09-26 Nathael PajaniADC driver fixes and (small) improvements
2016-09-26 Nathael PajaniBugfix : did not use the right variable name
2016-09-15 Nathael PajaniVCNL4040 I2C Light / Distance sensor example
2016-09-15 Nathael PajaniAdd VCNL4040 I2C Light / Distance sensor support
2016-09-15 Nathael PajaniUpdate comments and add include guards
2016-09-15 Nathael PajaniExample app for BME280 sensor driver
2016-09-15 Nathael PajaniDisplay error number on error
2016-09-15 Nathael PajaniDisplay error number on error
2016-09-15 Nathael PajaniDisplay error number on error
2016-09-15 Nathael Pajanismall cosmetic fixes
2016-09-15 Nathael PajaniAdd support for BME280 I2C Barometric, humidity and...
2016-09-13 Nathael PajaniTest application for UV, IR, Light and Temperature...
2016-09-13 Nathael PajaniAdd some delay between consecutive access to the sensor...
2016-09-13 Nathael PajaniFix enable / disable values for UV sensor
2016-09-13 Nathael PajaniSet sensor as not present upon I2C communication errors
2016-09-13 Nathael PajaniVEML6070 I2C UV sensor driver
2016-09-13 Nathael PajaniTSL256x I2C luminosity and IR sensor driver
2016-09-13 Nathael PajaniVEML6070 I2C UV sensor example
2016-09-13 Nathael PajaniTSL256x I2C luminosity and IR sensor example
2016-09-13 Nathael PajaniAdd a small delay between two consecutive access to...
2016-09-13 Nathael PajaniI2C driver fixes
2016-09-13 Nathael PajaniUpdate comments
2016-09-05 Nathael PajaniAdd perl scripts to create graphs from logfiles
2016-09-05 Nathael PajaniAdd gpio_read() helper
2016-09-05 Nathael PajaniMove enum to header file.
2016-08-08 Nathael PajaniFix comments and use uprintf instead of serial_write
2016-06-24 Nathael PajaniTest App for the E-Xanh gardener sensor
2016-06-18 Nathael PajaniAdding comments to the pwm config structure and function
2016-06-18 Nathael PajaniAdding partial support for State Configurable Timers...
2016-06-15 Nathael PajaniInitial commit