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[lpctools] / isp_utils.c
2019-02-16 Nathael PajaniReplace french "octet" with "byte"
2019-02-16 Nathael PajaniAdd comments to help differentiate the use of serial...
2019-02-16 Cyprien LaplaceFlush serial port input first
2015-09-14 Cyprien LaplaceFix isp_serial_write() in case of non-complete write
2014-07-08 nathael PajaniMany small modifications for integration into Debian
2013-03-01 Nathael PajaniChanging files header comments to remove mentions of...
2012-08-25 Nathael PajaniModifications to drop input buffer content rather than...
2012-05-21 Nathael PajaniAdding isp_file_to_buff to isp_utils library (regressio...
2012-05-18 Nathael PajaniRemoving trailing tabs
2012-05-18 Nathael PajaniRemoving trailing spaces
2012-05-18 Nathael PajaniAdding utility function : write buffer to file
2012-05-14 Nathael PajaniAdded timeout (fixed, 500ms) to read commands
2012-04-19 nathael PajaniAdding uuencode function
2012-04-15 Nathael PajaniAdding uudecode function
2012-04-15 Nathael PajaniAdding author and licence information
2012-04-15 Nathael Pajaniisp_dump bug correction
2012-04-13 Nathael PajaniSynchro now OK, simple read commands (no arguments...
2012-04-12 Nathael Pajanimoving serial utility functions to isp_utils.c
2012-04-11 Nathael Pajaniadding hexdump-like dump utility function for debugging...
2012-03-31 nathael PajaniAdding first version of ISP tool for LPC11xx.